Swahili Nation

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Mid-City Arthouse, Los Angeles

East Africa is a melting pot of beautiful art; a mix of inland traditions, with North African and Arab influences fused along the coast. Known for its Swahili culture, it's vibrant cross culture that emerged dating back to the ancient trade routes converging on ports like Mombasa, Zanzibar, Dar es Salam, and Maputo. Bringing the prints of the Bantu, a blend of indigenous and Arab music, great food, jewelry and dance all together! We're sharing this beautiful fusion here in Los Angeles- Welcome to Swahili Nation!

Community, Culture, Music, Art & Food! Swahili Nation celebrates ancient and ongoing East African traditions. Join us on June 30th at the Mid-City Arthouse from 2-6pm for an immersive cross-cultural multi-media day party experience curated by Nsimbi. Ticket options include open bar.

Come see the Art that made a sultan move his capital from Oman to Zanzibar! Come see the Culture built on friendship- the warmth of the Black indigenous Africa that charmed every visitor and made them stay! Live DJs, performers, vendors, and artists to be announced. Follow @nsimbimusic for updates.